Direct Marketing for Truck Wash Businesses

If you own a truck wash business it makes sense to use direct-mail and direct marketing to contact all the trucking companies in the country. Many trucking companies may send their drivers down the freeway where your truck wash is located and you need to be able to be sure that these people have your information and know that you exist.

It also makes sense to hang around at the truck stop lounge and talk to drivers and ask them for phone numbers, names and addresses of their dispatch offices so that you can send out proposals to wash the trucks for the drivers that come along the route near you.

Direct marketing and direct-mail for truck wash businesses to business districts near them who have fleets of vehicles also makes sense. You need to find a direct-mail company which mails out to business districts and make sure to get your flyer into a those packages.

Direct mail direct marketing can work for a truck wash business but you need to make sure it is highly targeted. If you wash recreational vehicles and motor homes then it makes sense to also send out direct-mail and direct marketing packages to high income and high net worth individuals in specific ZIP codes. I hope you will consider this in 2006.